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The MIC programme is a triple degree Master, which requires you to study at the three consortium partners.
The ambitious triple degree programme MIC, equips students to develop and manage international communication for worldwide companies.
It is for students who aspire to an international career as a communication practitioner in senior managerial or consultancy positions, responsible for the external and internal communication of international organisation.

The MIC offers you the opportunity to study at three universities within Europe and to graduate with three degrees and a Geert Hofstede Consortium certificate.

The programme starts in February and is designed around three terms of study, each one focused on a specific topic and spent in one of the consortium universities.

The final component of the programme is your thesis. With support from the faculties, you will write your Dissertation with ample time to work on it after the final module.


IULM University

February – May 2022
  • Digital Communication
  • Consumer Neuroscience and Neuromarketing
  • Research Methodology
  • Workshop

Leeds Beckett University

September – December 2022
  • Strategic Communication Planning and Management and Communication Consultancy Project
  • Corporate Communication in an Intercultural Context
  • Specialist Communication Management (Internal Communication, PR for Arts and Culture, Fashion PR)

Vilnius University

Mid-April -End of June
  • Public diplomacy and persuasion
  • International crisis communication
  • Optional (1of the following courses): 

  • Sustainability and CSR communication
  • Online PR
  • Discrimination, violence and human rights
July – January y2

Master thesis (*)

Dissertation Paper

(*) The Master Thesis is an individual assignment professional oriented to solve a problem, develop a solution for a real client, or any other kinds of assignments where the students can demonstrate the competencies achieved during the 3 trimesters.

The full programme weights a total of 100 ECTS

The MIC programme is career oriented. Throughout your study, you will analyse and solve real corporate communication issues provided by companies, governmental and non-governmental organisations. While acquiring the necessary expertise through lectures, you will also acquire the knowledge and skills you need to be able to work within an international, complex and ever-changing corporate environment.

With the MIC, you will not only be achieving an academic milestone, you will also be building your business network and complementing your résumé with work experiences.

As a graduate of the Master in International Communication you will be an intercultural communication professional able to work in a global context, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to work at managerial or consultancy level.

Degrees Awarded

Graduate will receive three master’s degrees and a certificate from the Geert Hofstede Consortium. After you have fullfilled the graduation requirements of partner universities, you will receive the following degree:

Master of Arts in International Communication

Awarded by:

IULM University
Milan, Italy
Leeds Beckett University
Leeds, United Kingdom

Master of Social Sciences

Awarded by:

Vilnius University
Vilnius, Lithuania

Graduate profile

Graduates of the MIC are interculturally competent communication professionals able to work in a global context from a European Perspective. They anticipate change and are able to create, offer and manage sustainable and innovative solutions to problems from the professional field at a senior managerial or consultancy level.


A few examples of what could be on your business card after graduation:

  • Account executive
  • PR & Communications specialist
  • Project Manager
  • Digital Strategist and Community Manager
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Global Brand Management
  • PR & Marketing Coordinator
  • Senior International Relations Officer
  • Intercultural Trainer