3 European universities

3 Master’s Degrees

1.5 years of a once in a life time experience

In the contemporary global village that our planet had become in the course of past decade, it is hard to resist the opportunity to discover new corners of the world we live in. If globalisation is handing you the keys to new experiences then go for it!

In association with the Geert Hofstede Consortium; Leeds Beckett University (United Kingdom), IULM University (Italy) and Vilnius University (Lithuania) have joined forces to offer a multicultural and challenging master’s programme in International Communication with the aim to prepare a new generation of leaders, innovators and influencers.

You will have the opportunity to study in 3 universities, experience 3 different countries and cultures, work in multicultural projects and earn 3 Master degrees. “It’s a small world” and it has never been truer than now, so give it a go!

Prof. Dr. Geert Hofstede

welcomes you to the MIC programme
A personal word of gratitude


Study in three European universities and live a once in a life multicultural experience

Why We Are Different

80 %

of our students find an awesome job within the next 6 months after graduation.

44.1 %

of the MIC alumni manages at least one person within the first three years after graduation.

€ 2200

The average start salary of MIC alumnus is approximately €2.200 per month.


Study in three European universities and live  multicultural experience


Study at three universities in Europe

Three universities across Europe specialised in communication and public relations within international professional context are part of the MIC.

What's on offer?

Become an International communication practitioner able to create, offer and manage sustainable and innovative solutions to communication issues at a senior managerial or consultancy level.

Geert Hofstede Consortium

The Geert Hofstede Consortium is proud to carry the name of Professor Dr. Geert Hofstede, pioneer and international leading scientist in the field of international communication.