Joint Master International Communication Offered by the Geert Hofstede Consortium

Research Programme

Applied research is a distinguishing feature for professional masters: real world research solving current problems of the professional practice. Practical problem solving is combined with a quest for fundamental knowledge and understanding.

The practice should define what science is all about and science is only profitable if professional practice can work with it. Our joint focus is to enhance student research experience and to foster relationship with partner companies and organisations.

Research Centres



Public Relations and Communications

Professor: Ralph Tench

Research projects

Our schools are involved in offering students the possibility of involvement on relevant research projects.

IULM University

IULM University


The ECOPSI (European Communication Professionals Skills and Innovation Programme) is a European funded project which aims to map and evaluate the current and future communication management skills of practitioners across Europe.

The context for this project is a communication sector in Europe which has grown and developed significantly in the last 20 years. This expansion has been influenced by political, economic and cultural shifts which have seen profit and non-profit organisations equally recognise the role and significance of communication in achieving organisational goals. These include managing reputation and image as key assets of organisations.
Researcher: Ralph Tench

Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Becket University

a) Cultural and Comparative Studies on the Imaginary

The main purpose of creating the UNESCO-IULM Chair in “Cultural and Comparative Studies on the Imaginary” is to analyze the interactive network of mental representations through which groups and nations construct not only their identities but also their prejudices, thereby preventing the possibility of true intercultural dialogue.

With its extensive network of contacts and an eminently multidisciplinary approach, the Chair is a highly advanced research centre and an essential point of reference at a global level. The rich programme of activities for the promotion and diffusion of knowledge, as well as a variety of synergistic interactions with partner Universities allow the Chair to produce innovative research and cuttingedge teaching in the field of studies into the imaginary.

Joint Master International Communication

The Master in International Communication is a three semester full-time programme. You will study at two of our four consortium universities during the first two semesters. You choose which ones and in what order.