Joint Master International Communication Offered by the Geert Hofstede Consortium
Experience is knowledge


One of the best things about the programme is the truly intercultural environment. My classmates come from twelve different countries from five continents! Intercultural awareness and a global view of the business' world is experienced at large throughout the programme. Each course presents us with different challenges interesting activities: visiting world renowned companies, participation at international events, workshops and personal development guidance - all of that combined with an excellent staff giving you their full support.

Flavio Oliveira, Global PR & Media Relations Manager

The MIC has allowed me to live in two foreign countries and I have never experienced anything quite like this. It definitely is an unique experience. I feel very fortunate to have met students from all over the world, that have taught me so many things about their culture which on its turn have made me value humans and its uniqueness even more. The best experience I have gained from the MIC is by far learning how to manage on your own, away from home and in difficult times as well as broadening my horizon in terms of cultures, languages and beliefs. Whenever I am in need of support from any of my MIC friends or teachers, they are eager to help as much as they can.

Beatriz De Urquijo Isoard, PR Manager

Being a MIC student was a thrilling experience for many reasons. As a MIC student, I got the opportunity to study at different universities in different countries. I really enjoyed this diverse and inspiring environment. I liked the fact that I was exposed to a wider scope of international communication in the beginning. In the second semester, I focused on the particular, self-chosen topics "crisis communication" and "sustainability" that we dealt with in more depth. The courses were taught by excellent lecturers who provided plenty of opportunity to extensively debate interesting course topics, projects and other issues in class. We were also able to bring in interesting topics regarding current developments. I am very grateful to have applied for the MIC programme as it provided me with the necessary knowledge and skills for my future career.

Justin Regelin, Internal Communications Manager

We get real life practical experience during our study, which is a great opportunity to build a professional network. The program is developed around the notion of cultivating professionals rather than scholars. This means that our courses are focusing on the ability to create the products, doing communication, like the professionals do, rather than merely knowing and analyzing communication from a distance. 70% of MIC alumni’s have been hired by the companies for which they wrote their theses. This sets the MIC program apart from many other master programs.

Emil Slott, Lecturer in Danish language and culture, Intercultural didactics

Joining the MIC programme, I noticed something that will change my way of looking at my capabilities forever. One big lesson that I have learnt, that is very valuable for my future growth is confidence and taking initiative. I should stand tall, recognize the skills and experience that I have and be confident as I walk forward. Participating in a program with such confident, young colleagues has helped me identify my insecurities so now I will be able to better fix this, take initiative and keep moving forward more confidently.

Tuan Pham, Corporate Sustainability Programme Analyst

Summing up my MIC experience: Challenging course work. Long nights. Unpredictable weather. Thrilling. Humbling. I would do this again. Socially, I can say that nothing quite prepares you for living in two cities in under 10 months. You just have to ‘go with the flow’. I feel that the coursework combined with real life application scenarios (and competitions) really did push my limits and open my eyes. The bonus is meeting great minds from all over the world! I have benefited from the programme a lot. I have met inspiring lecturers, great communications professionals and peers from the world over. I have learnt that ‘success’ is a plural word.

Grace Omondi, Communications Consultant

One of the greatest advantages of this Master has been the contact with the professors. The time they take for one-on-one meeting opportunities is what I enjoy most about this programme. Their explanation of theories and expertise based on their personal experience is really valued. The professors are very interested in the projects and assisting the individuals behind them through constructive feedback. This combination of international students, practical learning, theory, and contact with well-published academics offered at these universities make the MIC a unique opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Elanna Veldkamp, Communications Manager

Beside the theoretical knowledge and professional skills I have acquired at the MIC, the most valuable thing for me is self-development: I see my potentials and understand that everything is possible. By trying everything new, I open my mind and eyes, and free myself out of the box. Going abroad is definitely the best choice I have ever made and the MIC is much more valuable to me than I ever expected, without doubt.

Tzu-Ying Tsai, Project Specialist

The MIC has provided me with the professional and personal competencies to embrace new, emerging opportunities and to stay relevant in a world of constant change. The MIC helped me to achieve my primary career goal to work in a senior management position within an international company. The best thing about the MIC is that it allows you to build your own global village where you strengthen your intercultural skills, learn to function in diverse environments, acquire a global mindset, discover new cultures while making friendships with people from around the world. These transferable skills will differentiate me in workplace and will allow me to reach my goal of becoming part of senior management with ease.

Hasina Juma, Senior International Relations Officer

Studying in the MIC program was the most relevant and meaningful experience I have had in education so far and it already has an effect on my development as a PR professional. A valuable addition of the programme was the opportunity of networking with like-minded individuals from all over the globe. The course is good value in terms of money and time and it is invaluable tool for all effective communication practitioners. Just go for it!

Violeta Sheytanova

Joint Master International Communication

The Master in International Communication is a three semester full-time programme. You will study at two of our four consortium universities during the first two semesters. You choose which ones and in what order.